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Fatah official criticizes Hamas for executing IS terrorist and accuses Hamas of working with Israel

Headline: Fatah condemns the murder of Sheikh Younes Al-Hanar by Hamas”
“Fatah spokesperson, Osama Al-Qawasmi, condemned the execution of Sheikh Younes Al-Hanar (an Islamic State activist in Gaza –Ed.) by the Hamas ‘militias’. He stated that what Hamas did was a ‘crime and a cold blooded execution.’ In a statement to the press, Al-Qawasmi stated that Hamas acts like a bully and physically destroys all who disagree with its ideas. He emphasized that it [Hamas] could have arrested him, if it wanted to, but decided to execute him in front of his family and children. He also pointed out that this crime was committed within the framework of the security coordination between it [Hamas] and Israel, ‘as the accusation against the Sheikh was only launching a Grad rocket at Israel/Sderot and possession of weapons.’”