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Abbas expresses condolences to family of close advisor of Saddam Hussein

“President Abbas talks on the phone with the family of Tariq Aziz, former Deputy Prime Minister [of Iraq], Iraqi Foreign Minister, and head of the office of the Arab Liberation Movement, and expressed condolences for his death. He expressed… his appreciation for the role the deceased played in his support of the liberation movement, led by the PLO.”

Note: Tariq Aziz was a close advisor to Saddam Hussein.‎ He was number 43 of 55 on the US list of most wanted Iraqi leaders. Iraq's Supreme Court sentenced to Aziz to death in October 2010 for persecuting religious parties. However, many doubted the court's impartiality, and the Vatican, EU, Amnesty International and the UN publicly opposed Aziz's death sentence. Aziz's execution was never carried out and he died in prison on June 5, 2010.