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PA TV: Palestine is a mother who gives birth to Martyrs, mother of Martyr rejects ideal

PA TV narrator: “Palestine – a mother that gives birth only to heroes. When she ‎conceives, she says to the baby in her uterus: ‘You were created only to be free or to ‎die as a Martyr’" [...]‎
Mother of “Martyr” Muhammad Al-Qatari: “He always said to me: ‘Mother, I want to die ‎as a Martyr,’ and we would argue... I told him: ‘My Dear, you have grown, I want to ‎marry you [off], Muhammad. We want to rejoice for you, Muhammad.’ He told me: ‘I ‎don’t want to marry. This is it, Mother, I want to die as a Martyr.’ He is the one who ‎wanted Martyrdom (Shahada).”‎
Father of “Martyr” Muhammad Al-Qatari:‎ ‎“I was a little strict with him on this topic... I ‎didn’t want it to happen. Every father, every person, wants to protect his son. As a ‎father, when I bring up my son until the age of 19, of course I don’t want to lose him in ‎one moment...”‎
Friend of “Martyr” Muhammad Al-Qatari:‎ ‎“Muhammad loved Martyrdom very much and ‎loved the homeland for which we sacrifice our lives. He always went to throw stones at ‎the [Israeli] army.”‎
Mother of "Martyr" Muhammad Al-Qatari: "He went to the Qalandiya checkpoint, where he did not find any problems (i.e., confrontations with the Israeli army). He went to the Ofer [Prison] and saw there weren't any problems [either]. He took his friends and they went to that settlement, the El-Bireh settlement (Psagot settlement near El-Bireh, where there were confrontations, and he was killed -Ed.)"
Father of "Martyr" Muhammad Al-Qatari: "There were confrontations next to the settlement, and he was in the area. The children threw stones at the army. The same day he was apparently at the front, according to the boys who saw him... one bullet hit him, according to what the boys who were there told us. The bullet that hit him was fatal, straight to the heart."
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