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Israeli affairs expert on PA TV: Israel is a major supporter of IS; Israel lies when it says it wants peace

Official PA TV program Palestine This Morning hosts Israeli affairs expert Fayez Abbas who responds to statement by Israeli Minister of Education Naftali Bennett on June 7, 2015, at the 15th annual Herzliya Conference of the Institute for Policy and Strategy: “…it’s clear that if we listened to the world we would give up the Golan, and IS would be swimming in the Sea of Galilee.”
Israeli affairs expert Fayez Abbas, in response to Israeli Minister of Education Naftali Bennett’s declaration: “He states ‘If we concede the Golan Heights, IS activists would be swimming in the Sea of Galilee.’ Look at this expression, this lie, this intimidation. IS never said it would fight Israel because Allah didn’t command it to fight Israel, as it has announced many times. Israel is one of the greatest supporters of IS. Really, Naftali Bennett. This is known today, it’s no longer a secret. All these lies are meant only to intimidate.”
PA TV host: “[Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin] Netanyahu is lying.”
Fayez Abbas: “Netanyahu - they all lie in Israel. The entire leadership of Israel is lying, but unfortunately (corrects himself) the world has begun to understand that it’s all a lie, one big lie called Israel, which talks about peace and [says it] wants peace, or that it is against IS and against Jabhat Al-Nusra, while IS and Jabhat Al-Nusra sit on the border of the occupied Golan Heights. There are hospitals where IS [members] are treated. To whom are they a danger? They are a danger to the Syrian nation, not to Israel.”