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Fatah criticizes Hamas for killing IS member in Gaza and claims Hamas is working on behalf of Israel

Op-ed by Muwaffaq Matar, regular columnist for the official PA daily
“The people of IS spill human blood, and slaughter anyone who disagrees with them or opposes them, even in his opinion or belief. They slaughter people in public and throw them off rooftops of high buildings to satisfy the lust for crimes of terror which their Emirs have implanted in the soul of every member of this international multi-national gang!
This happens while Hamas’ leaders are offering the Palestinians as slaughtered sacrifices, on their way to satisfy the occupation state and receive a certificate for good behavior.
Citizen Yousef Al-Hanar, 27 years old, who was killed by armed Hamas men in his bedroom, next to his wife, according to his mother’s filmed version, is the most recent evidence of what we are talking about… Less than a week has passed since Hamas’ attack against the Salafists in the Gaza Strip and the killing of young Al-Hanar, [that served] as a message written in blood for whomever it concerns, according to which Al-Baghdadi’s IS is still too small to tease, compete or fight against IS of the [Muslim] Brothers. Only a few days later, Head of the Israeli occupation army’s Southern Command, Sami Turgeman, who was wounded in the recent Gaza war, began writing a certificate of appreciation for Hamas, and stated: ‘Hamas invests efforts to impose its control and inflict fear on the Salafi faction, whose men fired rockets at Israel in the last two weeks. Israel still considers Hamas as [the body] in charge of restoring peace and maintaining security in the [Gaza] Strip.’”

Note: Yousef Al-Hanar - was a Salafist leader in the Gaza Strip, affiliated with the Islamic State terror organization. Al-Hanar was killed by Hamas during an attempt to arrest him on June 2, 2015.
Salafism is a movement within Sunni Islam with a very strict practice of Islam.