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Jpost reports on PMW's ongoing exposure of Islamic preacher's antisemitic teachings

Sam Sokol  |
Jpost reports on PMW's ongoing exposure of
Islamic preacher's antisemitic teachings

Note: Click hereandhereto view PMW's exposure of the Sheikh's preachings.
Headline: Palestinian preacher: If you give advice to a Jew, you're an anti-Semite

Sub-Headline: During the same sermon, he accused the Jews of masterminding the September 11, 2001, attacks and controlling Hollywood.
by Sam Sokol

“If you give advice to a Jew, he immediately says, ‘You’re inciting to racism, you’re an anti-Semite,’” Sheikh Khaled al-Mughrabi told worshipers at al-Aksa Mosque, according to a translation by NGO Palestinian Media Watch… Mughrabi was responding to Jewish condemnation of one of his previous sermons, in which he asserted that the Holocaust was a result of resentment toward European Jews’ use of the blood of gentile children in baking their Passover matzot.
In response to a demand by the Simon Wiesenthal Center that the Palestinian Authority sack him, Mughrabi told The Jerusalem Post that the criticism “doesn’t matter.” “It doesn’t matter what they said. What I said, it’s recorded. Everything that I said is recorded. What I said is that story happened in Europe and many countries in Europe, and I still say that,” he declared…
“The Palestinian Authority uses libels and anti-Semitism as the foundations of its systematic hate campaign against Israel,” charged Palestinian Media Watch’s Itamar Marcus. “The PA spreads the lie that Israel does Nazi-type medical experiments on prisoners, and they teach children that Jews are ‘barbaric monkeys and wretched pigs’ and the ‘enemies of Allah.’ Tragically, teaching that Jews make matza from the blood of non-Jewish children is merely another horrific component of the PA anti-Semitism and libel campaign designed to assure that Palestinians do not develop positive feelings for Jews or desire to live in peace.”
Meanwhile, YouTube removed Palestinian Media Watch’s subtitled video of Mughrabi’s comments after the online video service received a copyright takedown notice. The organization said it was contesting the takedown under the doctrine of fair use and expects to see the clip back online within 10 days.