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Hamas recruits youths ages 17 and up for military summer camps

Headline: “The Al-Qassam Brigades announced the beginning of registration for the military Liberation Pioneer Camps in Gaza”
“The Izz A-Din Al-Qassam Brigades, the military branch of Hamas, announced the beginning of registration for their military summer camps in the Gaza Strip.
The brigades clarified in the notice on their website that the registration process for participation in the military Liberation Pioneer Camps will begin tomorrow, Saturday [June 13, 2015], throughout the Gaza Strip, and that the camp activities will begin this coming July 25.
Likewise, they noted that the registration will be at their nearest mosque or military post in every region of the West Bank.
The brigades clarified that these military camps are intended for several age groups beginning from the age of 17, and noted that each group would train independently. The military branch of the Hamas movement said that these youth will be ‘the nucleus of the next liberation project.’ It should be noted that about 20,000 Palestinian youths participated in the winter camps of the brigades at the beginning of the current year, which observers called a success. Likewise, it should be noted that the military camps which the Hamas movement organizes arouse the concerns of the Israeli occupation’s military establishment, which claims that ‘The movement is systematically building through these camps a new generation which absorbs from childhood the principles of extremist Islam, and prime among them Jihad.’”