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Al-Aqsa teacher vs. PMW


Al-Aqsa teacher vs. PMW


Al-Aqsa teacher charges PMW with copyright violation

after PMW exposed his teaching that

Jews make matzah from blood of children


Sheikh Khaled Al-Mughrabi complained to YouTube,

which has temporarily removed PMW’s subtitled video  

of the teacher’s Antisemitic statements


PMW has submitted a counterclaim that

exposing his hate speech is legal under “Fair Use”


Currently the subtitled video can be seen here 



A Palestinian teacher from the Al-Aqsa Mosque, which is situated on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, taught in his lesson on May 29, 2015, that the reason Europeans expelled Jews and the reason the Nazis burnt Jews in the Holocaust, was because Jews use the blood of non-Jewish children to make matzah bread for Passover. According to Sheikh Khaled Al-Mughrabi, “they were burned in Germany because of these things.”


Palestinian Media Watch’s exposure of his blood libel generated international condemnation and 8,000 views on YouTube in just three days. In order to have PMW’s video removed from YouTube, the Al-Aqsa lecturer charged that PMW had violated his copyright. YouTube, following US law, removed PMW’s subtitled video that exposed his hate speech.


PMW has since sent a “counter-notification” to Sheikh Khaled Al-Mughrabi via YouTube, arguing that the video of his hate speech was “Fair Use” of the material - since “Fair Use” permits the use of a work “for purposes such as: private study, research, criticism, review, journalistic reporting, quotation, or instruction and examination by an educational institution.” [Israel Copyright Act 2007, emphasis added] 


YouTube is supposed to reinstate the PMW video in 10 days unless Sheikh Al-Mughrabi decides to take his claim of copyright violation to court and sue PMW.


It is also noteworthy that in order to hide his hate speech, the Sheikh made the video of his lesson on YouTube “private” after PMW’s exposure so it could no longer be seen by the general public.


In order to make the video accessible to viewers immediately, PMW has uploaded the video to a different server and it can be seenhere.


PMW suggests that those who posted this story and linked to the original source change the link tothisso the video will be visible to people reading their websites and Facebook pages, etc.


Click hereto see how Sheikh Khaled Al-Mughrabi defended his Antisemitic hate speech as "advice" to Jews and an attempt to "save them from Hell".


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