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PA daily reports on conference claiming Israel carries out “surgeries and medical experiments” on prisoners

Headline: “The ‘Creations That Overcame the Chains’ conference opened with a call to refer the prisoners’ issue to the International Criminal Court”
“Speakers called to refer the prisoners’ issue to the International Criminal Court… This was during the fifth annual conference Creations That Overcame the Chains which opened yesterday, Monday [June 15, 2015] by the Abu Jihad Center for Prisoners’ Affairs at the Al-Quds university, in cooperation with the Modern University College…
Among the participants were members of the PLO Executive Committee and Fatah’s Central Committee, leaders of national forces, academics, released prisoners, representatives of human rights organizations and clerics… In the conference, a short film about sick prisoners was presented, telling the story of Martyr and released prisoner Jaafar Awad…
The film showed the prisoners’ anguish inside the prison cells, the barbaric treatment of the prison guards towards the prisoner, and the surgeries and medical experiments carried out by the so-called ‘prison doctors,’ which was the cause of the Martyrdom-death of prisoner Jaafar Awad, after he was given an insulin injection.”