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Palestinian man detained by PA police for eating during Ramadan, according to law

Official PA TV program Palestine This Morning hosted Police Spokesman Luay Erzekat.
[PA] Police Spokesman Luay Erzekat: "[PA] Police caught a man yesterday [June 21, 2015] who was eating in public in the Salfit area, while the policemen were engaged in routine work of maintaining the order and security and regulating traffic. They spotted a man in his twenties who was eating in the city, in front of the citizens, and he was taken to a police station where he is detained until his transfer to court.”
Official PA TV host: “It is known that eating in front of everyone on Ramadan is prohibited and the police are preventing this act, which is inappropriate for this honorable month.
Police Spokesman Luay Erzekat: “Of course. The law sets a punishment for this. Anyone who eats [in public on Ramadan] is liable to three to six months in prison.”