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Israel Hayom newsletter praises PMW for exposing PA incitement

Dr. Edy Cohen  |
Israel Hayom newsletter praises PMW
for exposing PA incitement

Headline: The cost of ongoing incitement

... While Israel makes its best effort to put on trial every person who takes the law into their own hands and hurts innocent Palestinians, the Palestinian Authority continues to incite against Jews. In the past, the Palestinians compared Israeli soldiers to Nazis, but the latest trend from Fatah and the PA is to compare Israel to the Islamic State group and Israeli soldiers to the group's armed operatives. Whoever follows the Palestinian media would certainly notice that comparison and the many caricatures drawn about it.

Palestinian Media Watch does holy work in following, monitoring and reporting about the ongoing incitement on official PA websites and social media accounts. For example, they revealed what is posted on the Palestinian National Security Forces Facebook page: greetings to its followers with pictures of "occupied Jaffa," "occupied Acre," and the "Hula Lake in occupied Palestine."

The PA uses every outlet in its control to broadcast the message that there is only room for "one Palestine from the river to the sea," and that "all of Israel is occupied and will be returned to the Palestinians in the future." This message is broadcast on PA Radio for most of the day, it is broadcast online, on TV, and through every oth2er possible means. And the phrase "what was taken by force will be returned with even more force," plays a starring role on Palestinian social media.

Even state TV and children's programs are used for anti-Israel and anti-Semitic propaganda. In a children's program called "The Best Home," broadcast by the PA, a young girl recites a poem that refers to Jews as "barbaric monkeys" and the "most evil among creations."

This is only one small piece of the incitement, never mind the belligerent declarations made by PA officials, like that of chief Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat, who not only demanded that Israel not be recognized, but also that terrorist organization Hamas be integrated into PLO institutions. Those comments, coming only a few days after the Palestinian unity government was disbanded at PA President Mahmoud Abbas' initiative, strengthens the assumption that Abbas is trying to use psychological warfare against Israel and Israeli politicians in order to get more concessions. Anyone who is familiar with the Palestinian issue remembers well how Yasser Arafat engaged in terrorism every time talks reached an impasse.