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Palestinian prisoners are "heroes" and "it is our duty to honor them"

Official PA TV News report on a statement by Chairman of the Prisoners' Club Qadura Fares who criticized the ”incitement” of the Israeli Ma’ariv newspaper against the prisoner program “Giants of Endurance,” which is broadcast on official PA TV, hosted Director of the Hurriyat (“Freedom”) Center Hilmi Al-Araj.
Director of the Hurriyat (“Freedom”) Center Hilmi Al-Araj: “In fact, this isn’t the first attack of the occupation authorities, on all levels, against the prisoners, the Palestinian media, and the Palestinian national television, in an attempt to intimidate this voice and the prisoners and their families. They incite the international community, the European Union, and the American government against the prisoners. At the moment, they’re fighting the prisoners, their families, and the national television, which due to its patriotic policies – and this is its natural right – had its broadcasts banned in the prisons. Therefore I state clearly: The Palestinian people and its leaders will ignore all these threats and this blatant attack, because these are our prisoners, our heroes, and it is our duty to honor them, to appreciate them, to uplift them, and to be in their homes. This is justice and support for the prisoners, and therefore these attempts will not stop us from fulfilling this task: support of the cause of the prisoners until their liberation.”