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ISIS leaflets in Jerusalem threaten ‎Christians to leave or be driven out

Headline: “ISIS distributed another leaflet ‎threatening to drive the Christians out of ‎Jerusalem”‎
‎“ISIS activists distributed a second leaflet ‎in the Beit Hanina area in Jerusalem, ‎threatening the Christian presence in ‎Jerusalem and its surroundings and ‎pledging to drive the Christians out. ‎The leaflet read: ‘The religion of Allah is ‎Islam. The Christians’ actions against ‎coexistence and shared living came one ‎after the other, and they pretend to have ‎forgotten what the heretic ‘Rosary Sisters’ ‎school principle has done, [she] who ‎carries a cross as tall as she is, but ‎considers the hijab (religious headscarf) ‎worn by the Muslim [female students] an ‎exaggeration. We will not withdraw our ‎demand that the Christians leave the ‎neighborhoods we specified on the first ‎leaflet, except for those who accept Islam. ‎Islamic State, Jerusalem Emirate, the tenth ‎of Ramadan.’‎
ISIS has already threatened the Christians ‎of Jerusalem in a leaflet it issued several ‎days ago, that it would massacre them ‎unless they leave the city before Eid al-Fitr ‎‎(festival of fast-breaking, Muslim holiday ‎marking the end of Ramadan. –Ed.), on ‎July 18, claiming that ‘the Christians serve ‎as Israel’s collaborators in Jerusalem.’ The ‎terror organization specified the areas it ‎would enter: Beit Hanina, Shuafat, and ‎from there to the rest of the ‎neighborhoods such as the Old City and ‎the Church of the Holy Sepulchre.”‎