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PA daily op-ed criticizes Islamic State as "the lowest of the low" who are "distorting" Islam

Op-ed by Hafez Al-Barghouti, regular columnist for Al-Hayat Al-Jadida:
Headline: "Preachers of terror"
     "Before the Saudi Sheikh Fawzan, I listened to a lesson of an Egyptian Sheikh, who said that when a Muslim waged Jihad, he would return with captives, dirhams (i.e., coins), and booty, and his livelihood was easy thanks to Jihad, and when the Jihad ended there was poverty. This creature sees Jihad as theft, robbery, and taking women captive. Then Fawzan comes and claims that taking captives is permissible in Islam, and that whoever doesn't believe this is a heretic. Even before this, the ISIS experts in Islamic law permitted taking Christian and Yazidi women captive, and their sale as servants and slaves, and also the taking of women from among their Muslim opponents captive...
One of the strange things that Fawzan did was to forbid cursing Israel, because the name Israel is also the name of the prophet Jacob! As we see, their only worry is the woman, and there is nothing in their imagination aside from her. This question is directed to them: Is it permissible for a non-Muslim to take Muslim women captive and enjoy them? If you permit taking the women of others captive, why is it forbidden for others to take your women captive? And when foreigners conquered Muslim lands - and some of them are still under occupation - did they take the women captive, sell them in slave markets, and enslave the children?
The ones (i.e., the radical Sheikhs) who give these fatwas (formal legal opinions in Islamic law -Ed.) are the root of the destruction and tragedy that befell the nation. I think that preventing them from giving fatwas would be a great service to all of mankind, and to religion itself. I don't know how the regimes, or what is left of them, are rushing to fight terror, yet leaving these same people free and allowing them to appoint themselves defenders of the religion, while [in reality] they are the lowest of the low and are distorting the religion like the hypocrites."
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