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Palestinian youth remove gay flag on separation fence that was painted after US legalized of gay marriage

: “Youth remove the ‘homosexuality’ symbol from the racist separation fence”
“Dozens of youths removed a painting of the colors of the rainbow, considered the colors of homosexuality propagandists throughout the world, by painting the [separation] fence, and condemned this act. They also emphasized their opposition to the fact that the United States approved same sex marriages. The artist Khaled Jarrar is the one who painted the rainbow on the racist separation fence next to Qalandiya, south of Ramallah. Jarrar clarified on his Facebook page the goal behind his painting those colors, saying: ‘I went today and painted the colors of the rainbow, as these colors have been preoccupying the world, and after all, they express freedom. My goal was to send through them a message to the world still celebrating them, about an oppressed nation living under military occupation, as demonstrated by the Qalandiya checkpoint and the racist separation wall, which are the clearest example of this. Therefore, this act was totally political, in order to turn the world’s attention to the [Palestinian] issue, the fence, the racist separation, and the occupation.’”