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Murderer of 5 in synagogue honored as “Martyr” who carried out “operation” by official PA news agency

Headline: “Martyr (Shahid) Abu Jamal’s home in occupied Jerusalem was closed”
“Our reporter reported that large and reinforced occupation army forces invaded Jabel Mukaber today [July 1, 2015] after 3 a.m., and evacuated the home of Martyr (Shahid) Uday Abu Jamal (one of those who carried out the synagogue operation in November last year) [parenthesis in source] where the Martyr’s father, mother, three brothers and sister reside.”
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Note: Jerusalem synagogue terror attack – On Nov. 18, 2014, two Arab terrorists, Ghassan and Uday Abu Jamal from East Jerusalem, entered a synagogue in
Jerusalem and attacked worshippers with guns, knives and axes, killing 4 worshippers and a police officer. 7 people were injured, 3 of them seriously. The terrorists were killed in an exchange of fire with Israeli Security Forces that arrived on the scene.

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