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PA daily: Sectarian violence in Middle East part of Western plot together with Arab regimes to re-divide region

Article relating to the murder of the Egyptian General Prosecutor in the explosion of a booby trapped car on June 29, 2015.
      “From Tunisia to Libya, and from there to Egypt, Yemen, Quwait, Iraq, and Syria, the murder spreads through Arab capitals. Those who caused it are not anonymous, as everyone knows who funded, armed, and planted the ideas in the heads of the extremist groups. These groups are the product of incestuous coordination between Western intelligence, especially American, and Arab regimes, since the beginning of the war in Afghanistan against the Soviet atheists. This is because most of the Arab regimes helped export young Arabs for Jihad under the American flag, and it was natural because the Arab Afghanis would return knowing how to kill and drag [bodies through the streets]. When the evil winds called the Arab Spring ignited, again there was renewed incest, as some of the regimes made a pact with Western countries, especially the United States, to overthrow the regimes they hated, and they (i.e., Western countries) funded and armed the opposition, without regard to their [political] affiliation. In addition, Western countries allowed young Muslims and converts to Islam to flock to the area, with permits to kill, drag [bodies through the streets], take captives, and rape, and the result is that the fire reached the Arab and foreign funders and supporters… The basic goal is to collapse the entire nation, its members, armies, and institutions, in order to ease its dismantlement and [re]assembly, in accordance with the new colonial spirit, since the Sykes-Picot agreement is no longer relevant. In addition, Egypt continues to be a stable cornerstone, against which countries and organizations are working together, and if it collapses, that will be the absolute end of the nation. Therefore, the continuation of terror in Egypt is a main goal of the engineers of the Arab destruction, since without its destruction and descent into total chaos, the destruction scheme won’t be completed.”

Note: Sykes-Picot agreement – a secret agreement between Britain and France negotiated by French diplomat François Georges-Picot and Briton Sir Mark Sykes and concluded in May 1916. The agreement had Russia’s approval and specified Britain’s and France’s proposed spheres of influence and control in the Middle East if the Ottoman Empire was defeated in World War I. The plan was revealed in 1917 in the Russian press, and subsequently in the British press, angering the Arabs as it contradicted promises of independence made to them - on the condition they helped fight against and bring down the Ottoman empire. The plan caused lasting distrust on the part of the Arabs in relation to Western countries.