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Chicago Sun-Times article on anti-Israel movement cites PMW for documenting antisemitism in Palestinian media

Steve Huntley  |
Chicago Sun-Times article on anti-Israel movement
cites PMW for documenting antisemitism
in Palestinian media

Headline: Steve Huntley: Anti-Israel movement based on fallacies

European nations are not the only ones involved in the offensive BDS campaign. This week the general synod of the United Church of Christ voted to join the Presbyterian Church (USA) in boycotting products from West Bank companies. In another development, the Vatican signed a treaty making official its recognition of the “state of Palestine.”
Such moves not only work against peace, they also put Christians on the side of the virulent anti-Semitism so often documented by the monitoring agency the Palestinian Media Watch. For example, the official Palestinian Authority TV network in May aired a children’s program with a young girl reciting a poem calling Jews “barbaric monkeys.” An Islamic cleric who teaches at the al-Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem preached the libel that Jews use the blood of non-Jewish children to make Passover matzah bread. Another cleric stated on PA TV that Jews “are usurers” who “control the media, the money, the press.”