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PA daily op-ed: ISIS, regional unrest part of American-Israeli plot to tear apart Arab nation

Op-ed by Omar Hilmi Al-Ghoul, columnist for official PA daily
Headline: “The leaflet of Israeli ISIS”
     “In the city of Jerusalem and in occupied area C that is under full Israeli security and administrative control, a leaflet was distributed with the signature of the Takfir (i.e., the act of accusing other Muslims of heresy) organization ISIS, threatening to kill Palestinians if they do not emigrate from Jerusalem.
The distribution of the leaflet coincided with the explosion of a mosque in Kuwait, the terror attack on the tourist beach in Sousse in Tunisia, the terror attack in Paris, the elimination of dozens of Somalians, and the eve of the assassination of Prosecutor General of Egypt Hisham Barakat. The despicable ISIS leaflet is not isolated from the unbridled terror attacks that are destroying the peoples and states of the Arab nation, from the [Persian] Gulf to the [Atlantic] Ocean. It is part of the same atrocious American-Israeli plan aimed at tearing apart the unity of the land, peoples and states of the [Arab] nation. Likewise, it is a natural continuation of the Israeli plan to eliminate the Palestinian cause and the entire national project. This is particularly so because Hamas’ atrocious plan for revolution has not achieved all the goals of the ethnic cleansing state, although more than eight years have passed since the abduction of the southern districts from the bosom of legitimate [rule], and Hamas’ insistence to continue building an Emirate in the Gaza Strip. This pushed Israel’s leaders and strategic experts to use the Takfir organizations to whose creation they contributed, and to whom they gave protection and support in the entire Arab region, in order to further destroy the unity of the Palestinian nation’s fabric…
Therefore, the distribution of the leaflet in the name of ISIS was not arbitrary or innocent, but resulted from a profound reading [of the situation] by the creators of the Israeli colonialist idea and those who stand behind them. This is in order to achieve the abovementioned goals and eliminate the Palestinian national identity and personality, and to inaugurate a new, essentially dangerous phase in the life of the Palestinian people, and to open wide the door for the Islamist Takfir organization to do as they please in the Palestinian political, religious, social and cultural arena.”