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Fatah spokesperson: Israel supports “extremist Islamic movements” with the goal “to divide the Arab States” and make them “incapable and weak”

Headline: “The Arab region is divided and Hamas’ connection with Israel is an example of this”
“Fatah Spokesperson Osama Al-Qawasmi said that the Arab region is being subjected to a division scheme, which is now clear and fully visible. This scheme is being carried out by so-called ‘Islamic groups,’ which trade in religion, except for a few who know that the Islamic religion is a religion of tolerance, nobility, and unity. Al-Qawasmi clarified in a press statement that the plan to divide the Arab states was developed 20 years ago by international intelligence services. In addition, he noted that Israel is a major partner in this plan, seeking to damage the Arab nation’s capabilities and resources, and divide it into small, incapable and weak states, struggling with each other. The first implementation of this plan began in the summer of 2007 in the Gaza Strip, when Hamas revolted against the legitimate [government], (i.e., Fatah), and began the process of separating the Gaza [Strip] from the [West] Bank, under the cloak of religion. This was part of the implementation of the Israeli strategic plan aimed at eliminating the Palestinian cause. Al-Qawasmi said that the intelligence services had been following what was happening in the Gaza Strip for years, and had seen that this experiment was successful and could be spread to the entire region. Therefore, they began to support the extremist Islamic movements that do not understand anything about religion, and who can be encouraged [to act] according to the plan that was developed in order to deepen the religious, ethnic, and tribal conflicts according to the nature of the elements [of conflict] of those states .”

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