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PA Security Forces: Claims of political arrests in the PA are false – it’s a Hamas "incitement campaign"

Headline: “Al-Damiri: All detainees are under the responsibility of the legal system, we do not hold political detainees”
      “Political Commissioner General and Official Spokesman of the PA Security Forces Adnan Al-Damiri stated that there is not a single political detainee in the Palestinian prisons and that all detainees were arrested with the prosecution’s permission and in keeping with the law… Al-Damiri concluded: ’Hamas is conducting an incitement campaign under the pretext of what it defines as ’political arrests.’ The Palestinian Security [Forces] will stand against anyone who tries to harm the internal security and the well-being of the citizens, or to drag the country into wars and bloodshed. In addition, it will stand against the plots of the Muslim Brotherhood, ISIS, [Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin] Netanyahu, and all those trying to bring the experiences of killing, destruction, and abhorrent sectarianism to Palestine.”