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Abbas advisor anticipates day when Israel is "defeated, its settlers expelled, and Palestine is purified from their filth"

Posted to Facebook page of Advisor to PA Chairman Abbas on NGOs and member of Fatah Central Committee Sultan Abu Al-Einein on July 7, 2015, a few days after the death of Muhammad Al-Kusbeh, who participated in throwing stones at an Israeli army force near the Qalandiya refugee camp on July 3, 2015. Al-Kusbeh was killed by gunfire from Israeli soldiers whose vehicle came under attack. Palestinian reports claimed Al-Kusbeh was shot while trying to climb over the separation fence.      “The thing that causes a feeling of unease in the soul is the Palestinian response to these crimes and acts: The news of the death of a Palestinian as a Martyr (Shahid) no longer motivates the people and doesn’t receive a response appropriate the standing of the Martyr who spilled his pure blood for his homeland and his land… The Martyrs, the injured, and the prisoners are not a topic for debate, but rather cause unity, unity that will increase our motivation to keep the flame of resistance at its peak, as Israel has destroyed all chance of achieving a complete and just peace that would give our people their minimum rights. What is left of the rights of this injured nation? To our sorrow, there is nothing left to give up, while the enemy continues to ask: ‘Is there more?’ We have no more concessions to make, but we should have more options. In the next conflict, we need to open all the gates so the Martyrs will be at peace in their last resting place, so the bereaved mothers will be satisfied, so the wounds of our injured will heal, and so that the prisoners will hold their heads high to Heaven. This nation will not remain silent for long about this piracy and these crimes, while drawing its high motivation from the saying ‘The darkest hours are those before dawn,’ and the dawn of our people will come. It will come when its country is formed, when the land of its homeland is completely liberated, when its hostages return, when the hated occupation is defeated, and its settlers expelled, and Palestine is purified from them and their filth.”


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