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Gatestone Institute on combating anti-Israel boycotts praises PMW

Malcolm Lowe  |
Gatestone Institute article on combating
anti-Israel boycotts praises PMW

Ed. note: Link added to PMW's special report on Palestinian use of sports for terror glorification, all other links in source.

: Combating Anti-Israel Boycotts
Sub-Headline: The Underused Strategies

So far, official Israel has done little in this regard [combating anti-Israel boycotts, Ed.], although Prime Minister Netanyahu's personal intervention was significant in respect of both Orange and FIFA. Rather, the burden has been carried by a number of hard-working private initiatives, such as BDS in the Pews,CAMERA, Campus Watch, Creative Community for Peace, Divest This, MEMRI, NGO Monitor, Palestinian Media Watch, Presbyterians for Middle East Peace and Shurat HaDin.
Similarly, Palestinian Media Watch has had some success in lobbying European parliaments about the Palestinian Authority's use of donor money to pay salaries to convicted terrorists. It is because that misuse breaks rules that European institutions are obliged to observe.
It happens that Palestinian Media Watch has assembled vast amounts of information on how Palestinian sport, under Rajoub's leadership, is used to glorify terrorists who murdered many Israelis. This information, too, was reportedly cited by Netanyahu. Though commendable, this does not go far enough.
Fresh evidence against Rajoub is a Palestinian football tournament in which the competing teams were named after terrorists mass-murderers. Since Rajoub also heads the Palestinian Olympic Committee, Palestinian participation in the Olympic Games can be challenged as well. The point is that the more Rajoub himself is put under pressure and forced to account for himself, the less chance he has to cause trouble for Israel. And -- who knows -- maybe one day he will be replaced and Palestinian sport will cease to glorify terrorists. But this will not end Israel's excuses for counter-harassment of the Palestinian Authority (PA). Israel can switch, among other things, to citing the PA's naming of streets and squares after terrorist mass-murderers.