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PA daily reports on Jewish and Arab women’s organization seeking peace

Headline: “Israeli women began a 50 day fast demanding a political solution with the Palestinians”
“Jewish and Arab Israeli women began a group fast yesterday [July 8, 2015], on the first anniversary of the aggression against Gaza, demanding to reach a political solution to the conflict with the Palestinians. The women from the ‘Women Wage Peace’ movement set up a tent in front of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s residence, and began a 50 day fast, the length of the Israeli war against the Gaza Strip last summer [2014]. The fast is being held by a group of five women, for 25 or 50 hours, until another group arrives to take their place, according to Marie-Lyne Smadja, one of the founders of this movement, who put a sign around her neck with the word ‘fasting.’ This woman, 54 years old, explained that at least 300 women registered to participate in the fast… Smadja emphasized that ‘Women Wage Peace’ is an independent movement with 800 members.”