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PLO leader says violence is best way to fight Israel: “The plot will be foiled only if we strike the viper [Israel] on the head”

Headline: “Abu Sharif: ‘The way of resistance to the Zionist project that Nasrallah suggests is a correct way’”
      “Member of the Palestinian National Council (i.e., the legislative body of the PLO) Bassam Abu Sharif, stated that the bloody attack meant to destroy the Arab countries around Palestine, tear apart their armies, and divide them into smaller ethnic countries, reached its peak in Iraq, Syria, Egypt, and Palestine. This was the goal of the Zionist movement and its collaborators in the American administrations, who deal maliciously with the affairs of the region, and actually are striving to take over their [the Arab countries’] resources, to obliterate the Palestinian cause, to expel its people [the Palestinians], and to establish a Jewish state that includes all of Palestine, the Syrian Golan [Heights], and the West Bank of the Jordan River…
The war that Zionism, Washington, and the West planned against our Arab nation is what brought back to the surface the need for national pan-Arab resistance activities, in order to stand against this plot and liberate Palestine. The way to Palestine passes through Baghdad, Sana’a, Damascus, Beirut, Cairo, Tripoli, Tunisia, and Algeria.
The equation is now clear: The liberation of Palestine requires pan-Arab national unity in order to guard the Arab countries and their close connection, as this close connection means the defeat of the Zionist project in Palestine. Our Palestinian people, collapsing under the yoke of occupation, feel suffocated and about to explode. Undoubtedly, despite the attacks and acts of aggression and massacres perpetrated by the Zionists and their collaborators, it [the Palestinian people] sees the march of thousands of Yemenites and Arabs on [international] Jerusalem day as proof of the vitality of our Arab nation and the correctness of its view regarding the plot against it.
Our people clearly sees that the view that was and is expressed by [Secretary-General of Hezbollah] Hassan Nasrallah, through the adoption of honest pan-Arab national positions, is the right view, and sees the path of Arab conflict and resistance to the Zionist project that Nasrallah suggests as the right path. We have no doubt that the attack is the best self-defense, and that the plot will be foiled only if we strike the viper on the head."