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Awdah TV is a Fatah-run channel

Headline: “Melhem to the Al-Awdah satellite channel staff: ‘We are proud of your achievements and the spirit of self-sacrificing fighters (Fedayeen) in your work’”
“Chairman of the Board of Directors of the REACH group and the satellite channel Al-Awdah Malek Melhem praised the giving of the channel’s staff in Ramallah and their determination to succeed… Melhem stated during his meeting with the channel’s staff today [July 20, 2015], Monday: ‘We are proud of your achievements, and this is the proof of the self-sacrificing fighter (Fida’i) spirit that motivates your giving and your work…’ Fatah spokesman and general supervisor of the channel Ahmad Assaf greeted the owner of the satellite channel Al-Awdah, Malek Melhem, and presented a summary of the stages the channel has gone through.”