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Compilation: Videos from PMW report PA Education: A Recipe for Hate and Terror

Summary of the videos shown: I. Official Palestinian Authority TV teaches children to hate Jews and Israelis - PA TV teaches kids to despise Jews: Jews are "most evil among creations, barbaric ‎monkeys" ‎ - Girl recites poem on PA TV demonizing Jews as "Allah's enemies - sons of pigs"‎ - Boy recites poem on PA TV that includes verse "our enemy, Zion, is Satan with a tail"‎ - Palestinian boy: The goal is "to boycott Israeli products and fight the Jews, kill them"‎ - Boy at Fatah ceremony: "Pick up your rifle... Destroy, shock, burn and set fire"‎ - Girl recites poem on PA TV: "To war that will... destroy the Zionist's soul"‎ II. Impact of studying in Palestinian Authority schools named after terrorists - Palestinian girl’s goal: “to reach the level” of terrorist who killed 37 ‎ - PA teachers' union officials glorify terrorist murderers, use hate speech against Jews - Teacher at Al-Aqsa Mosque school calls Jews who visit Temple Mount "monkeys and pigs" - Head of Jerusalem's Teachers' Association: "We teach... that Palestine - from north to south, from the River to the Sea - is Islamic Palestinian Arab" III. Official Palestinian Authority educational programs promise children a world without Israel - Official PA TV children's program: All of Israel is "occupied" and "will return to us" - Official PA TV teaches kids to expect Israel's destruction IV. Peace is possible - Girl on PA TV: Muslims, Christians and Jews "are all the same and if we don't love each other, it's a big problem" - Israeli news for youth fights racism in Israel: "We hope that we, the Jewish youth, will know to... accept others" - Israeli views choose Israeli Arab to win national singing competition, "The Voice Israel"
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