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Palestinian Center for Human Rights director supports armed struggle

Headline: “Raji Al-Sourani: The UN report regarding the war in Gaza provided all that we want as Palestinians”
“The moment the UN report regarding the war against Gaza last summer [2014] was published, Israel immediately attacked it strongly, while the responses of the Palestinians regarding the report ranged from blessings to those who said it compares the victim and the hangman.
In order to examine this report and the other legal matters pertaining to the Israeli aggression and the occupation’s violations against our people, Al-Hayat Al-Jadida met with Palestinian Center for Human Rights Director Attorney Raji Al-Sourani…
Regarding the benefit of pursuing the leaders of ‘Israel,’ Al-Sourani stated: ‘We are in a battle that requires us to use all of the weapons at our disposal: humanitarian, legal, ethical, armed struggle, and ending in the freedom flotilla, as there is nothing better than having the elite of the international community coming to you on a flotilla in order to support you and your cause.’”