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Israel referred to as “occupied lands that… will all return to us one of these days”

Official PA TV program The Best Home, hosts Sundus, a young girl from Shfar’am, a city in northern Israel.
Official PA TV host: “I would like to say to all our friends that Dumya, Sundus’ sister, won a ticket. She participated actively through our Facebook page and won a ticket to Waterland and to Happyland, and she decided to give them to our friends here in the West Bank, so they can have a good time. I also want to tell you that Dumya and Sundus are from Shfar’am (city in the Galilee in the north of Israel -Ed.) from our occupied lands (i.e., Israel) that, Allah willing, will all return to us one of these days, and we will live together without the checkpoints and divisions the occupation forces on us.”