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PA daily op-ed: Iran and US allied to “tear to shreds the unity” of the Arab world

Headline: “The reasons and goals of the refusal”
“Does the Israeli leadership not know that if Iran is able to develop nuclear weapons, they will not be aimed at it [Israel] but rather at the Arabs in general, with no exceptions, despite the media discourse in Iran, calling to ‘free Palestine?’ And does the Israeli leadership not know that the Iranian media discourse is its best weapon for misleading the Arab street in order to enlist it to carry out the plot of ‘Iranization’ of the Arab nation? Does Israel not see the depth of the Iranian-American alliance to destroy Iraq and tear it to shreds, [taking place] unfortunately with the help of the Arab brothers? Does it [Israel] not see that the Islamic, Turkish, and Iranian states in the region are implementing the Greater Middle East plot, along with it and with the American godfather, in order to tear to shreds the unity of the peoples of the entire Arab nation?

Note: The “Greater Middle East plot” refers to Greater Middle East initiative of the second Bush administration, proposed in 2004. Its intention was to change the way the West dealt with the Middle East in order to eliminate terrorism by encouraging the spread of democracy, and providing educational and economic opportunities.