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Arutz Sheva reports on PMW findings on PA denial of Jewish history in Jerusalem

Hillel Fendel  |
Arutz 7 reports on PMW findings on PA denial of Jewish history in Jerusalem

Headline: PA Campaign: 'Temple Never Existed', 'We Were Here Before You'
Sub-Headline: Campaign flies in the face of a 1925 Waqf publication that brags that the Temple Mount is 'indisputably' the site of Solomon's Temple.

Palestinian Media Watch (PMW) has published a collection of recent declarations on official PA television that the Jewish Temple never existed, that the "Palestinians" predated the Jews in Jerusalem by "centuries," and the like.

The latest posting by the internationally-known media watchdog organization PMW does not attempt to refute the claims, but simply brings them to the attention of the world. For instance, it notes that PA Deputy Minister of Jerusalem Affairs Salwa Hadib recently stated that "the Palestinian people has been present in it [Jerusalem] for thousands of years... centuries before the Jewish religion." This, despite the fact that no Palestinian Arab entity ever existed before, at the earliest, the year 1949, when Jordan illegally took over Judea and Samaria and had to categorize the people living there.

It is true, of course, that people lived in Jerusalem even before Jews – but they have no national, ethnic or other connection with the Arabs living today in the Land of Israel.

On another front, a PA TV host agreed with a political-Islam researcher who stated on PA TV that the Zionist goal is to "find the Temple" while destroying the Al-Aqsa Mosque. The researcher claimed Israel has not found "even one remnant" that proves the existence of the Temple.