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Official PA daily denies Jewish history in Jerusalem, claims that all that archaeological excavations have found is “the story of the ancient Palestinian Jebusites”

Headline: “Jerusalem and the unenlightened”
“Our people alone protects the holy sites, with its hands and through its physical presence, which constitute a firm barrier against those obsessed with myth, who have been excessive with their excavations - and yet there is not a stone they have turned over in Jerusalem without reading in it the story of the ancient Palestinian Jebusites, which strengthens the narrative of the new Palestinian… This is the battle of entitlement and justice against people who have passed through our land. The region of David’s kingdom, which they use as an excuse [to justify their right to the land], didn’t consist of more than 81 dunams (i.e., about 1/4 acre) of the homeland occupied by the armed Zionism, whose area is about 110 dunams.”

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