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PLO official: ISIS receives “direct and indirect support from Israeli bodies”

Headline: “Abu Sharif calls on Obama to put pressure on Israel to stop the settlements”
“Palestinian National Council (i.e., the legislative body of the PLO) member Bassam Abu Sharif… said that the situation in Palestine is worse than imagined by some of the local officials and the Americans.
Abu Sharif added: ‘The forces of terror, especially ISIS that receives direct and indirect support from Israeli bodies, plan to create an even more complicated situation in the Palestinian territories and refugee camps…
Therefore the war against terror requires that President Obama begin with the main issues, starting with stopping the Israeli terror against the Palestinian people, the racist expansion in the occupied Palestinian territories, and the racist bloody Israeli operations against the Palestinian people. There will be strong reactions to these actions, as the situation has become unbearable…
Israel continues to support the Takfir (i.e., Muslim organizations that accuse other people or groups of heresy) terror forces in Syria, northern Sinai, and Libya, actions on the ground that contradict what the US preaches.’”

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