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PA Jerusalem council: Israel “plant[s] forged antiquities” for its “plans to Judaize Jerusalem”

Headline: “Dr. Issa emphasized that Israel is planting antiquities in Jerusalem”
      “Secretary-General of the PA’s Islamic-Christian Council for Jerusalem and the Holy Places Dr. Hanna Issa stressed today [July 30, 2015] that the Israeli Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities, under cover-up by the occupation government, has been making efforts since 1967 to plant forged antiquities in Jerusalem and distort a whole culture by its continuous excavations and searches under the city, which are taking place far from the eyes of the world…
Dr. Issa stated: ‘Israel and the institutions authorized by it, are carrying out searches, mainly in Jerusalem, in a desperate attempt to obtain Jewish antiquities which will give the occupation the “legitimacy” it still lacks. But truth be told, it has no presence [in Jerusalem]. At times, we see them attempting to obtain a type of religious legitimacy, in order to cover up their feverish activities and their plans to Judaize Jerusalem, even if by means of forgery or creating facts on the ground.’”
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