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Hamas, in response to Palestinian criticism, publishes anti-PA cartoon that depicts the "West Bank" stabbing and killing a Jew

On Jul. 31, 2015, Hamas tweeted a cartoonthat was critical of Fatah and the PA, depicting a Jew raping a woman, representing the West Bank, and murdering children while a PA soldier stands by idly. The cartoon outraged the PA and generated anger in the Palestinian street. Hamas was forced to remove the cartoon from its twitter account and apologize, while the cartoonist, Baha Yassin removed the cartoon from his Facebook page and replaced it with a modified version that is actually a continuation of the first one, differentiating between the population of the West Bank and the Palestinian Authority.

In this cartoon, a woman with the words "West Bank" written in green, the color of Hamas, stabs the Jew in the back in the center of the "Star of David" and kills him. The new "West Bank" woman holds the knife dripping with the Jew's blood, then rebukes the first yellow (Fatah) woman, who is now renamed "[Palestinian] Authority".
Hamas woman to PA-Fatah woman: "I will attain what my children deserve and what you deserve, [Palestinian] Authority of shame."
The cartoonist added this text beside the visual: "This is the West Bank that I know."
Text on the policeman's post now reads: "Security Cooperation Position" [A reference to the security cooperation between the Israeli army and the PA.]
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