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Cartoonist apologizes for Jew-rapes-West Bank cartoon as cartoon depicts woman unwilling to fight the Jew

"Bahaa' Yassin, the cartoonist who sparked a debate over the last few days, apologized for his actions... The social network is still raging with reactions that criticized the cartoon, which caused the Ministry of Interior in Gaza - run by the Hamas movement - to announce that it intends to 'take legal action against this cartoonist, who harms our people, its culture, its resistance, and its struggle.'"
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Note: On Jul. 31, 2015, Hamas tweeted a cartoonthat was critical of Fatah and the PA, depicting a Jew raping a woman, representing the West Bank, and murdering children while a PA soldier stands by idly. The cartoon outraged the PA and generated anger in the Palestinian street. Hamas was forced to remove the cartoon from its twitter account and apologize, while the cartoonist, Baha Yassin removed the cartoon from his Facebook page and replaced it with a modified version.

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