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PA cartoon: Netanyahu toasts Molotov cocktails with Jewish “price tag” terrorist

Cartoon in official PA daily shows Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu toasting “Cheers” with a Molotov cocktail with a man wearing a shirt with the Hebrew text “price tag,” referring to crimes of revenge carried out by extremist Jews against Palestinians.
This cartoon appeared a few days after the Palestinian Dawabshe family’s home in the village of Duma was set afire by Molotov cocktails thrown through its windows, killing the baby, Ali Dawabshe, and severely injuring other family members, including the father Saad, who died of his injuries eight days later, and the mother, Reham, who died of her injuries 5 weeks later.
The cartoon demonizes Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu and the entire Israeli government by implying that Netanyahu is in league with those who committed the crime, and endorses their actions.

Note: Duma arson attack - On July 31, 2015, two Palestinian houses in the West Bank village of Duma were set afire by Molotov cocktails thrown through their windows. 18-month-old Ali Dawabsheh was killed in this attack, his father, Saad Dawabsheh, died of injuries 8 days later, and his mother, Reham Dawabsheh, died of injuries 5 weeks later. Israeli leaders and citizens from all sectors of society condemned this attack, and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas that all Israelis were disgusted by the crime, adding, “We will not countenance terrorism of any kind.” He ordered the security forces "to use all means at their disposal to apprehend the murderers and bring them to justice forthwith."
There is suspicion that this was a nationalist attack carried out by Jewish extremists in revenge for Palestinian terror attacks. However, the crime remains unsolved with no named suspects.