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Palestinian Authority Cartoon Prays That Allah Will Kill Americans

Jerusalem ( - A cartoon published Tuesday in an official Palestinian Authority newspaper shows a Muslim man calling on Allah to kill Americans, said a group that monitors Palestinian media.
Palestinian Media Watch, an independent research group, said the cartoon shows the Muslim man kneeling before a U.S. fighter jet. His prayers are enclosed in four missiles aimed at the American plane.
He prays: "Allah, scatter them!" "And turn their wives into widows!" "And turn their children into orphans!" "And give us victory over them!"
Al Hayat al Jadida is the newspaper of P.A. Chairman Mahmoud Abbas' Fatah faction and is controlled by the P.A., Palestinian Media Watch said.
The U.S. is supporting Abbas as a moderate Palestinian leader and a peace partner for Israel. But according to PMW, anti-American sentiments are nothing new in the P.A.
In a recent report on 12th grade Palestinian textbooks, PMW said the United States is presented as a "human rights abuser, violator of international humanitarian law" and "an 'occupier' of Iraq."
The world history book presents those fighting American soldiers in Iraq as the "brave resistance to liberate Iraq."
The U.S. also is depicted as leading the West in a "clash of civilizations" against the Islamic-Arab world.