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PA dedicates another square to murderer ‎

Itamar Marcus  |


PA dedicates another square to murderer
by Itamar Marcus
The Palestinian Authority has dedicated another city square to the memory of a terrorist murderer responsible for the deaths of civilians. The memorial in Nablus shown above is named after terrorist Naif Abu Sharakh who was involved in many terror attacks against Israelis, including a double ‎suicide bombing in Tel Aviv on Jan. 5, 2003 in which 23 people were killed and dozens injured. He was Nablus’ commander of Fatah’s military ‎wing, the terror organization Al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades, and was killed by the Israeli army on June 26, 2004.‎
Text on the monument:
"Martyr leader, Naif Abu Sharakh, commander of the Al-Aqsa Martyrs’ ‎Brigades, leader of the Martyrdom-seekers"‎ 
Fatah-run Awdah TV recently broadcast a program honoring the murderer and showing the memorial.  
The Fatah TV host visited the mother of the terrorist and introduced her as follows:
“Mother of Martyr Naif Abu Sharakh gave both her sons for the land ‎and the homeland. Let's meet her. We are very happy to meet you and very proud of you. A ‎Palestinian mother such as yourself, whom we are proud of, you have given two of your sons for ‎the homeland.”‎ 
[Fatah-run Awdah TV, July 17, 2015]

The monument is shaped as a map of "Palestine" that includes all of Israel and the PA areas.
Earlier this year, Palestinian Media Watch exposed that the PA built a similarly shaped monument in a square in Ramallah named after terrorist Dalal Mughrabi, whose bus hijacking killed 37 Israeli civilians.
[Official PA TV, March 11, 2015]

Last week, Prime Minister Netanyahu condemned this PA practice of naming squares after terrorists, which PMW has exposed:
"We are determined to vigorously fight manifestations of hate, fanaticism and terrorism from ‎whatever side... This is what distinguishes us from our neighbors... They name public squares after the murderers of children. This distinction cannot be ‎blurred or covered up." ‎ ‎
[Cabinet meeting, Aug. 2, 2015]
 Following the dedication of the square to terrorist Mughrabi, PA TV broadcast the words of one of the participants, who said terrorist Mughrabi should be a role model for Palestinians today:
Orthodox Christian cleric: "Dalal, God bless her, this female Martyr, she taught us how to liberate the homeland. She, who founded the Republic of Palestine on one of the buses of Palestine. We all see her as a model and as a symbol for us."

PMW reported in 2009 that the brother of the terrorist honored in Nablus was also a ‎murderer, having killed a father of seven children, Rabbi Meir Avshalom Hai, in a drive-‎by shooting. When he was tracked down and killed with his two accomplices by the ‎Israeli army, PA Chairman Abbas sent condolences to the killers' families and Fatah printed the adjacent poster with the following words:‎
‎"The Palestine Liberation Organization, Fatah, accompanies to their wedding:"   
The Martyr, Commander, Hero: Ghassan Abu Sharakh  
The Martyr, Commander, Hero: Ra'ed Al-Sarkaji  
The Martyr, Commander, Hero: Anan Sobh
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