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Fatah official emphasizes that Fatah never “abandoned the rifle” in response to Hamas criticism of Fatah

Headline: “The Al-Aqsa Brigades are attacking Amin Maqbul and saying: The gun is not for election propaganda purposes, and Fatah never abandoned it”
“Commander of the Al-Amoudi division of the Al-Aqsa [Martyrs’] Brigades Majdi Matar ‘Abu Ahmad’, strongly attacked some of the members of the Fatah movement leadership, after statements they made regarding [Fatah’s] Seventh Conference, according to which the conference might debate a return to armed struggle or resistance to the occupation in all its forms. Abu Ahmad considered this an insult to all Fatah people and to the Fatah rifle, which has not been abandoned since the beginning of its activities, and the battles are witness to this. Abu Ahmad said in a statement to the press that the Fatah rifle is not for decoration at celebrations and mass weddings intended for election purposes. Your self-marketing for the elections is known now even to the smallest Fatah member, and thousands of prisoners, the injured and the Martyrs (Shahids) are the greatest proof that the movement continues its armed struggle,’ he said. Abu Ahmad added: ‘You won’t be able to purify yourselves with the gun you fled from out of fear for your privileges.’”