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PA daily: Israeli minister's visit to Cave of Patriarchs is "part of the occupation attack on the holy site" which was "stolen for the settlers"

Headline: “The occupation’s Army Minister invades the Ibrahimi Mosque and opens the door to escalation”
“Israeli Minister of War (sic., Minister of Defense) Moshe Ya’alon invaded the Ibrahimi Mosque (i.e., the Cave of the Patriarchs) in Hebron yesterday [Aug. 11, 2015], as part of the occupation attack on the holy site which was divided and stolen for the settlers (i.e., separate prayer times and areas of the site were designated for Muslims and Jews…
Manager of the holy site Mundhir Abu Al-Failat stated that this invasion by Minister of War Ya’alon, together with many occupation soldiers, is part of the attempts to take over the holy Mosque of Hebron and its old city, which he considered to be a serious blow to the sanctity of the holy sanctuary, which is being desecrated by the Israeli occupation. Likewise, he emphasized that only Muslims have a right to it, and that the Jews have no connection to it…
For his part, Governor of Hebron District Kamel Hamid said that the visit of Israeli Minister of War Moshe Ya’alon to the Ibrahimi Mosque and to the old city shamefully reveals the Israeli government’s standing behind everything that is happening and that has been done to the holy places in Hebron and Jerusalem. He noted that this makes it directly responsible for the results of the situation, and the one that will bear the consequences of every step carried out by the extremist Jews, who are fully coordinated with the Israeli government.
He added that this visit and invasion are an addition of oil to the flames and an inflaming of our people’s sentiments by harming their faith and holy sites.”

The PA and its leaders consider the Cave of the Patriarchs to be a Muslim religious site with no connection to Jews. Therefore they view any presence of Jews there as an “invasion.”