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PA security forces: US was behind Arab Spring “to drag the Arab world into anarchy, mayhem”

Facebook page of Official Spokesman of the PA Security Forces Adnan Al-Damiri:
“Former American Secretary of State [Condoleezza Rice] adopted the strategy of creative anarchy, which some people referred to as the Arab Spring, the revolution, etc., and global intelligence services raised money, [recruited] activists, and disseminators for it, through social networks and TV. She called it a revolution against tyranny and corruption, against the regime, security [forces] and the government but the essence and goal which became apparent to some people too late, was to drag the Arab world into anarchy, mayhem, destruction, terror and re-division of the divided Arab homeland. The goal was not only to destroy the regime, but the state, and many young Arabs acted in coordination with this strategy, whether knowingly or out of ignorance or naiveté, until the disaster occurred. We see and hear today about the destruction, killing, deportation, and terror in the Arab countries, while extremism, terror, ethnicity, and sectarianism are spreading, and the organizations of extremism and terror, such as ISIS and its ilk, are becoming stronger."

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