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Fatah-run TV glorifies terrorist Dalal Mughrabi: “She is still with us and among us”

Awdah TV, Fatah-run  |
Fatah-run Awdah TV program Palestine in a Week on Palestinian female parachutists from the PA National Security Forces training in South Africa.
Fatah-run Awdah TV host: “Dalal Mughrabi has not died, she is the first Palestinian self-sacrificing female fighter (Fida'iya) who got through the enemy’s lines in order to fight and die as a Martyr (Shahida). But Dalal has not died. The Palestinian woman in all periods of struggle was the wife, the Martyr, the prisoner, the wounded and expelled. Despite all this, Dalal Mughrabi has not died, and when I say has not died I mean she is still with us and among us, carrying with her pictures of every city and village in the homeland, along with pictures of all the Martyrs, prisoners and wounded. Dalal Mughrabi has not died, I insist.”

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