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PA Foreign Ministry accuses Israel of “summary executions of Palestinian youth,” plans to submit list to ICC

Headline: “The Foreign Ministry is preparing a file of field executions, in order to submit it to the International Criminal Court”

“The [PA] Foreign Ministry stated that it is preparing a complete detailed file regarding the summary executions of Palestinian youth by the occupation, in order to submit it to the International Criminal Court. He emphasized that the summary executions of young Palestinians and Palestinian youth being carried out by the occupation are the implementation of the policy of the Israeli government and [Israeli] Prime Minister [Benjamin] Netanyahu, and rely on its inciteful guidelines, which gives the occupation soldiers a green light to easily pull the trigger and kill Palestinians, with clear disregard for Palestinian blood. This was verified by Israeli Minister of War (i.e., Minister of Defense Moshe) Yaalon, when he called to wipe out and kill everyone who tries to attack soldiers.”