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Abbas rep expresses condolences to terrorist stabber’s family, killed by Israel “using excuses that allow the killing of every Palestinian”

Headline: “Crowds from the Tubas region and the northern [Jordan] Valley accompany Martyr Rafiq Al-Taj to burial”

“Crowds from the Tubas region and the northern [Jordan] Valley accompanied Martyr (Shahid) Rafiq Kamel Al-Taj to burial in Tubas, his birthplace, in a state funeral led by a military procession, yesterday [Aug. 16, 2015].

Al-Taj died as a Martyr Saturday evening [Aug. 15, 2015], after occupation soldiers shot him at the junction of the town of Beita in the Nablus region, claiming that he stabbed an Israeli soldier…

Governor of the Tubas District and the northern [Jordan] Valley Rabih Al-Khandaqji, expressed President Mahmoud Abbas’ condolences to the Martyr’s family and all the residents of the district. He condemned the crime of the occupation, which executed Martyr Al-Taj in cold blood, using excuses that allow the killing of every Palestinian at the checkpoints of death throughout the homeland. He emphasized that the occupation tries to harm our people in every way, and held the occupation government responsible for the murder of Martyr Al-Taj.”

Rafiq Kamel Al-Taj – stabbed a military border guard, and was subsequently shot by soldiers.