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PA daily: Israel is executing Palestinians “in cold blood” under the “pretext” that they were carrying out terror attacks

Headline: “At the Beita junction: Six bullets in response to an alleged ‘scratch’”

“Rafiq Kamel Al-Taj – the latest name on the list of Palestinian Martyrs. The occupation claims that he tried to stab a soldier and scratched him on his shoulder, and the Israeli response was six bullets which caused his death within a few moments, after efforts to save his life failed. The occupation, after all, was determined to kill him, and the presence of ambulance crews did not change that reality at all, as they were forbidden to go near him until his death was verified, or at least until it became impossible to save his life.

Some days earlier an additional Martyr [was killed] near Ramallah under the same pretext – an attempt to stab a settler – and before that a young Palestinian [was killed] under a third pretext: an attempt to run over a group of soldiers next to Sinjil. This is in addition to many similar events, in the majority of which the Palestinian is killed in cold blood, while the Israeli is lightly injured. The death of Palestinians as Martyrs under the pretext of an attempt to stab soldiers and settlers has become common news in the media, but without focusing on the occupation’s goal: premeditated murder. If one believes the occupation’s claims, according to which these young people tried to carry out stabbing operations (i.e., terror attacks), it would have been simple to arrest them – if the occupation wanted to do so – but it wants to kill, and nothing else…

The occupation’s War Minister (i.e., Defense Minister) Moshe Yaalon verifies that the goal of his soldiers is to murder, and he praises their conduct. After Rafik Al-Taj died as a Martyr, he responded: ‘Everyone who tries to harm soldiers of the Israeli army – his blood is on his head.’ Yaalon added: ‘I would like to praise the army’s fighters and the border police officers, who responded quickly, opened fire, and injured the terrorists who stabbed their friends today on Route 443 on the West Bank.’ In a series of tweets to his official Twitter account, he added: ‘This response proves the professionalism, determination, and operational capability, as required in fighting the Palestinian terror.”

Rafiq Kamel Al-Taj – stabbed a military border guard, and was shot by soldiers.