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Abbas appoints PLO official in charge of relations with Iran

Headline: “The President [Abbas] placed Dr. Majdalani in charge of communication and relations with Tehran, Iranian ambassador to the State of Palestine in near future”
“Knowledgeable Palestinian sources revealed that Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has placed PLO Executive Committee member Ahmed Majdalani in charge of communication and relations with Iran. These sources clarified that President Abbas is striving to establish strong ties with the Iranian leadership, and believes that Majdalani is capable of achieving this goal, and therefore gave him this responsibility. Majdalani noted in his interview with a reporter of the Iranian news agency Fars that his last visit to Iran was important, helped break the ice in the relations between the Palestinians and Iran, and revived the relations, especially after the visit of President Abbas to Tehran in 2012, and his participation in the Non-Aligned Countries Summit there. Likewise, he noted that the visit led to an agreement regarding the formation of a joint political advisory committee which will meet twice a year, once in the Jordanian capital Amman, and once in Tehran. Majdalani added that he discussed with Iranian Foreign Minister Muhammad Javad Zarif the possibility that Iran’s ambassador to Jordan would be an ambassador who is not a resident of the State of Palestine… According to Majdalani, the visit of President Mahmoud Abbas to Iran will take place this October, and not in September as was stated a number of times.”