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PA daily: Israel executes Palestinians “in cold blood” while using attempted stabbings as an “excuse”

Headline: “The occupation executed a youth from Kafr Ra'i at the Tapuach checkpoint”
“Occupation forces yesterday [Aug. 17, 2015] executed in cold blood the youth Muhammad Bassam Abu Amsheh Al-Atras, 24 years old, from Kafr Ra’i, south of Jenin, at the Tapuach checkpoint, south of Nablus. They did this while repeating the same excuse they use almost daily for the killing of civilians, ‘that he tried to stab a soldier or settler.’ … The national unity government condemned the execution of the youth Al-Tras by occupation forces, and rejected the worthless explanations which they spread in order to justify it. The government emphasized that the occupation forces execute Palestinian citizens under many pretexts which are absolutely far from the truth – that the occupation is responsible for the tragedy of our people and for the crimes it commits against our children.”

Note: Muhammad Bassam Abu Amsheh Al-Atras stabbed an Israeli border policeman on Aug. 17, 2015, at the Tapuach checkpoint, and was shot and killed.