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Terrorist stabber, "execut[ed]... in cold blood,” glorified by PA at funeral

Headline: “Jenin: Dignified funeral procession for parting with Martyr Al-Atras”
“Thousands of citizens accompanied Martyr (Shahid) Muhammad Bassam Mustafa Amsheh Al-Atras (24 years old), who was killed by the occupation forces at the Tapuach military checkpoint, to his burial, in a dignified funeral procession in Kafr Ra’i today [Aug. 18, 2015] (Tuesday). After it was brought from the Al-Najah National University hospital, the body of the Martyr passed through the streets of the village in a military procession of the [PA] National Security Forces. The participants carried the body of the Martyr, wrapped in a Palestinian flag, on their shoulders, and called out chants and slogans condemning the execution of Martyr Al-Atras in cold blood. They demanded that the international community intervene and stand at the side of our people, which is subjected to constant Israeli aggression, assassinations and executions, the latest of which was the death of Al-Atras as a Martyr. A wreath of flowers was laid [on his grave] in the name of the district governor, and the Jenin region [PA] National Security Forces command. After the funeral 21 bullets were fired in honor of the Martyr’s soul.”

Muhammad Al-Atrash attempted to stab an Israeli border police officer at the Tapuach junction in the West Bank on Aug. 17, 2015. He was shot and killed by another police officer at the scene.