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Fatah official: Terrorist who stabbed 1 was “Martyr”, killed by Israel with “false claims”

Headline: “Israel will have to account for the crime of murdering Al-Tras, and for all its crimes”
“Fatah Central Committee member and chairman of its parliament faction Azzam Al-Ahmad said that the occupation will have to account for the crime of the murder of the Martyr youth Muhammad Al-Atras and for all of the crimes it committed against our people. Al-Ahmad added today [Aug. 19, 2015], Wednesday, during his visit to the house of condolences of the Martyr Al-Atras in Kafr Ra’i in the Jenin district, that the killing of Al-Atras is an atrocious crime, and that all of Israel’s attempts to erase it or mislead international public opinion with its false claims will not succeed.”

Muhammad Bassam Abu Amsheh Al-Atras stabbed an Israeli border policeman on Aug. 17, 2015, at the Tapuach checkpoint, and was shot and killed.